Glock 19   Gen 5

G19 M2 with ST5 patch VT LR.jpg

The Mid-Level Glock 19 is shown with a Hush Puppy Project® Model 2 silencer.

HPP barrel hood detail LR.jpg

Hush Puppy Project offers a Mid-Level Model of the Glock 19 (Gen 5) that comes with a stainless steel Briley match barrel for increased accuracy. The barrel is threaded to accept a silencer.

TD trigger highlight in color CU LR.jpg
Glock SLD detail LR.jpg

The Mid-Level Model also comes with a TangoDown / Vickers Tactical trigger and a Ghost 3.5 lb. connector.

Our patented Slide Lock Device is installed to prevent the pistol from unlocking (when engaged) which in turn alters the operation of the pistol to a locked-breech, single-shot mechanism. This prevents the slide from reciprocating, eliminating the mechanical sound of the gun's self-loading cycle.

G19 M2 red velvet LR.jpg