Subsonic Ammunition

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 Super Vel Ammunition® manufactured the original 9mm subsonic ammunition used by U.S. Navy SEALs in Vietnam for their Mk 22 Mod 0 pistol, a highly modified S&W Model 39 with a slide locking device and a wipe-style silencer (Mk 3).  The ballistics for this load were specified by the Navy as a 158 gr. FMJ at 965 fps, which generates the same recoil impulse as standard 9mm supersonic ball ammunition. The Navy type-classified the ammunition as Mk 144 Mod 0. Super Vel Cartridge Company has reintroduced the Mk 144 Mod 0 ammunition to the same specifications as the original.

     Additionally, Super Vel also offers a 9mm subsonic load using a 147 gr. FMJ at 900 fps which generates less of a recoil impulse than the Mk 144 Mod 0, so is softer shooting. It's ideal for practical shooting competition (IPSC and USPSA) with a power factor of approximately 130.

     Both the 158 gr. and 147 gr. loads are designated as Hush Puppy® ammunition. Super Vel® manufactures two types of Hush Puppy® subsonic ammunition, a training load using re-manufactured brass cases and a service load using virgin brass cases. Both utilize identical charges, using a low-flash, fast-burning powder that is known for its clean burning characteristics and superb accuracy. Hush Puppy® ammunition has a reputation for "clean burning."

     Our classic "yellow box" version features virgin, unfired brass with a headstamp of HUSH PUPPY. The re-manufactured version is from Super Vel's "Certified Select" line of training ammunition, and comes in a "brown box." Re-manufactured training ammunition is about half the price of brass with the HUSH PUPPY headstamp.

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Super Vel's Certified Select line of training ammo cuts costs with re-manufactured brass cartridge cases. The powder charge, primer and bullet are identical to the classic "yellow box" version. Package size is 100 cartridges.

Super Vel's iconic yellow box with a red stripe has been leading the industry with innovative, professional-grade ammunition since 1963.  Hush Puppy® subsonic comes in 50-count yellow boxes and the cartridges feature a  HUSH PUPPY headstamp.

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