Hush Puppy  Pistols


The distinguishing feature of our Hush Puppy® pistols is the incorporation of our (patent pending) Slide Lock Device. The purpose of a Hush Puppy® Slide Lock Device is to allow for the quietest shot possible by creating a locked breech on a semi-automatic pistol, thus preventing the pistol from self-loading. A locked breech requires the operator to manually cycle the slide to reload the pistol.
     By transforming a self-loading pistol’s operational system to that of a locked breech firearm, the Hush Puppy® Slide Lock Device eliminates the metallic noise created by the slide’s motion as it reciprocates on the frame during the pistol’s operational cycle (firing-unlocking-extracting-ejecting-feeding-chambering-locking).
        Additionally, a locked breech prevents residual gunshot noise from escaping at the ejection port as the slide moves rearward in the operational cycle (“chamber pop”).
        Lastly, a locked breech does not allow fired cartridge cases to create collateral noise by being forcefully ejected, another way to make a Hush Puppy Slide Locked pistol as quiet as possible.

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