Model 1 silencer with its  three modules configured as a single  unit. Wipes are installed in modules 2 and 3. Normally the modules would be encased in outer tubes, but the tubes are removed for illustration purposes.

Thank you for taking time to look at the Hush Puppy® Project’s silencers!  Yes, we said silencers.  We know that many in the industry refer to such a device as a “suppressor,” but if silencer was good enough for Hiram Maxim— who patented the world’s first silencer and the world’s first automobile muffler— then it’s good enough for us.  Besides, the ATF’s technical term is silencer, so to keep things consistent, we will refer to the Model 1 as a silencer throughout this website.

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Model 1

9mm Luger

1/2 x 28 RH thread

The Model 1 is a modular silencer that achieves a unique hybrid design consisting of monocore and wipe sections.  The Model 1 is different than everything else on the market and requires specific techniques and procedures to enjoy maximum signature reduction.  We call this ability to utilize different modules and wipes, with or without an ablative agent, “Tunable Technology.”  Tunable Technology offers the Model 1 owner the ability to control the length, weight, tone and level of sound suppression from a Model 1 silencer.
        The Model 1 silencer is part of the Hush Puppy® Project’s “systems-approach” to signature reduction.  Our complete systems-approach is carefully designed to derive the best sound reduction on a pistol equipped with a (patent pending) Hush Puppy® Slide Lock Device (SLD) firing in locked breech mode and using Super Vel Ammunition Hush Puppy® subsonic 9mm ammunition.  You may shoot the Model 1 on other pistols and with other ammo, but the maximum level of sound reduction comes with a Hush Puppy® pistol firing in locked breech mode with subsonic ammunition.

Model 2

9mm Luger

1/2 x 28 RH thread


The Model 2 is a wipe-based silencer design intended for maximum sound reduction in a silencer of minimal size. The Model 2 is novel, but shares the same basic technology— the use of wipes to reduce sound— as the Nam-era, SEAL-issue suppressor called the Mk 3 (which was a companion to the SEAL's Mk 22 Mod 0 "Hush Puppy" pistol). The Model 2 utilizes six wipes which are replaceable by the user when the wipes are damaged from normal use (becoming less effective as the bullet and powder gases create a larger and larger exit hole). The Model 2 is also a modular design in that it comes with a second module containing additional wipes to replace damaged wipes or to be affixed into a solid unit (both modules together) for greater sound reduction, but at the expense of compromising the Model 2's compact size. Given the purpose of the Model 2 is to create the quietest shot possible in as small a package as possible, the preferred method of use is with the Model 2 using only six wipes and not the second wipe module.

     Sound reduction is astonishing for a silencer this small. The Model 2's sound reduction must be heard to be believed.

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