Model 2

The Model 2 silencer is a modular silencer utilizing wipes. It comes with two modules, the main module and the auxiliary module. The main module is a stand-alone silencer with six wipes; the auxiliary module can be added to increase sound reduction but at the expense of greater size.

     The auxiliary module comes with 12 wipes. The auxiliary module may be affixed to the main module, for a total of 18 wipes, and shot in that configuration. Alternatively, the wipes may be removed from the auxiliary module and used to replace the wipes in the main module as they become damaged through normal use.

     The auxiliary module may be added to the main module without any wipes, increasing the sound reduction simply from the additional gas volume with the two extra expansion chambers of the auxiliary module.

     While not offering quite as many configurations as the Model 1, the Model 2 remains a ground-breaking modular design and an important silencer for those requiring minimal bulk and maximum sound reduction.

Model 2 wipes inside and protruding LR.j
Model 2 with type.jpg
M2 new field stipped LR.jpg

The Model 2 consists of two modules: main module (left) and auxiliary module (right). Each has its own shroud. Included is a threaded cap to attach the silencer to a firearm. The auxiliary module comes with 12 wipes, the main with six.

The Model 2's main module contains six wipes, two per slot with a short expansion chamber in between the slots.

M2 wipes protruding LR.jpg