Model 1 Wipes

The Model 1 silencer achieves industry-leading sound suppression through the use of wipe materials in modules 2 and 3.  Utilizing a silencer with wipes requires specific techniques and procedures that may not be familiar even to experienced silencer users. 
•    Hush Puppy® Project wipes are made from a proprietary high-strength, abrasion-resistant polyurethane and have a unique shape designed to fit into modules 2 and 3.
•    Module 2 contains three wipe slots. Module 2 may be fired with one, two or three wipes installed.  Adjusting the number and position of wipes is one aspect of Hush Puppy’s “Tunable Technology” which allows the user to produce various tonal qualities and levels of sound suppression based upon varying the combination of modules used, the number of wipes (if any) and if an ablative agent is employed.
•    Module 3 contains two wipe chambers with six wipes in each chamber for a total of 12 wipes.  Each chamber should not contain less than six wipes.  Shooting with less than six wipes per chamber may cause bullet deflection resulting in damage to the silencer. Module 3 may be fired with either or both chambers full with six wipes each.
•  Also, as a user option, wipes in module 3 may be used to replace damaged wipes in module 2.  Never discard damaged wipes! Damaged wipes should be returned to the factory for repair or replacement.


Module 2 Wipe Configuration
•  You may congfigure the silencer with module 2 attached to module 1 and you may elect to install one, two or three wipes in module 2. An ablative agent (grease, petroleum jelly, etc) may be used at the user’s discretion.
•  Be aware that even one wipe in module 2 will cause damage to the silencer if an expanding bullet is fired.

•  Never shoot expanding bullets (hollow points) when wipes are installed!
•  An important aspect of “Tunable Technology” is the ability to experiment with the number and placement of wipes in module 2. Wipes may be placed in slots 1, 2 or 3, individually or in combination, with or without an ablative agent.
•  The use of an ablative agent will improve the sound reduction of the Model 1.

3 wipes.jpg

Hush Puppy® wipes are made of a high-strength, abrasion-resistant polyurethane material that initially "self-seals" for the first few shots and then the hole becomes progressively larger until the wipe is no longer effective at retaining gases and must be replaced. (The longevity depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which is the type of ammunition.) Shown here are (left to right):  new, partially damaged and irreparably damaged wipes. Damaged wipes must be retained and then returned to the original manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Module 2 provides three wipe slots for either one, two or three wipes at the user's discretion based on "Tunable Technology." The wipes (below) are shown partially protruding from the wipe slots for illustration purposes.

M1 and M2 with wipes.jpg
M1 and M3 with wipes.jpg

Module 3 Wipe Configuration

•  Alternatively, you may elect to install module 3 with its 12 wipes on module 1.
•  When using wipes in module 3, it’s important to fully load one or both wipe chambers with six wipes each.  Firing with less than six can cause bullet deflection resulting in damage to the silencer.