Maximum Wipe Configurations

You may configure the Model 1 silencer with all three modules, with wipes in either or both modules 2 and 3 for maximum sound reduction.
•  Do not shoot with expanding bullets (hollow points) if any module contains wipes!
•  When using wipes in module 3, it is critical to fill the wipe chamber(s) with six wipes each.  If less than six wipes are in a wipe chamber, the wipes can be misaligned, resulting in a bullet deflection that could damage your silencer.
• If you choose to shoot module 2 with three wipes (maximum capacity) and module 3 with all 12 wipes (maximum capacity), the sound reduction will be its lowest "dry" level possible for the Model 1 silencer. Use of an ablative agent ("shooting wet") will decrease the sound level even further.

Maximum Wipes 123  321.jpg